Hello Paris!

Bonjour Paris ! by Corinne Albaut now available in English

Corinne Albaut is an absolute legend in France and I was proud to be given the opportunity to translate her poems about Paris and its surroundings. Not that long ago when my children were in primary school, they illustrated her poems and recited them – first at home as practice and then in front of their classes and teachers.

Hello Paris! is a book for the young and not-so-young that takes us around some of the Parisian monuments you may already know quite well, as well as parts of Paris and the surrounding area that may be less well known to tourists. I hope you’ll enjoy (re)discovering the culture, art, romance, and some dark history – it’s all here. And in rhyme!

Eva Roussel’s artwork complements the poems beautifully and the team at Les Éditions du Sabot Rouge did a fine job putting this together despite the lockdown (dare I suggest we’re all feeling a little like Marie Antoinette as she gazed out from the Conciergerie…)

I’m delighted to see this great children’s book finally available in English. Available for purchase here.

WARNING: this ebook may provoke a serious case of wanting to visit Paris 🙂