Jazz in Marciac (3) Joe Cocker and Todd Unctious

Joe Cocker was one of the big acts this year and he played to a packed marquee. Even better than I remember, when he came to Marciac in 2007.  At 69 years of age he can still belt them out.

Warm-up act was Canadian Kellylee Evans. She has a powerful voice, mixed a little hip hop with jazz to interesting results, and she managed to charm the audience by speaking excellent French.


And Joe. What to say about Joe? Able to send a thrill down your spine from the other end of a rugby pitch. He sang a good few songs from his new ‘Fire it up’ album, but loads of the oldies as well–You can leave your hat on, With a little help from my friends, Unchain my heart, and the heart-stopper, You are so beautiful. What a show.



First time I noticed the physical similarity with Todd Unctious from Father Ted, must have been the black clothes!

So I feel obliged to link to a clip from Father Ted. No disrespect Joe!

Here’s Mrs Doyle’s list (copied from this blog I found while searching the very subject.

Fr. Andy Riley,
Fr. Desmond Coyle,
Fr. George Byrne,
Fr. David Nicholson,
Fr. Declan Lynch,
Fr. Ken Sweeney,
Fr. Neil Hannon,
Fr. Keith Cullen,
Fr. Ciaran Donnelly,
Fr. Mick McEvoy,
Fr. Jack White,
Fr. Henry Bigbigging,
Fr. Hank Tree,
Fr. Hiroshima Twinkie
Fr. Stig Bubblecard,
Fr. Johnny Hellzapoppin’ ,
Fr. Luke Duke,
Fr. Billy Ferry,
Fr. Chewy Louie,
Fr. John Hoop,
Fr. Hairycake Linehan,
Fr. Rebulah Conundrum,
Fr. Peewee Stairmaster,
Fr. Jemima Racktool,
Fr. Jerry Twig,
Fr. Spodo Komodo,
Fr. Cannabranna Lammer.
Fr. Todd Unctious

And no, Kellylee is nothing like Mrs Doyle.


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