Rain and cherries

I was going to write a post about the incessant rain we’ve been experiencing here in France since about January, but instead I’m going to put up a couple of photos of the produce of my cherry tree.

A month ago:

and today:

We’ve had clafoutis. We’ve had bowls of fresh cherries. We’ve had an interesting rhubarb and cherry tart. Hopefully we’ll have lots of jam if the birds stick to the deal and only take the cherries from the top that we can’t reach.
But, back to the subject of the weather…
The slugs are having a ball. Can’t you just savour how delicious my hosta must have been.
Usually at this time of the year I’m busy weeding, digging, sowing (last year I grew everything from seed) but this year, nada. I haven’t sowed a single tomato plant yet. Could this be a summer sans tomates? I have no potager for the first time in years.
So I ran around the garden a couple of weeks ago to see what was growing. These beautiful roses and campanules:

…apples, chives, garlic, gooseberries, kiwis…


I really hope to update this with better news in a few weeks. And I have to admit, the bad weather is good for my writing.

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