Salon de la Caricature, Marciac

The caricature and drawing festival took place this weekend in Marciac in the Gers, France. A small festival in its 11th year, it was the first time I went along.

Marciac is already well-known for its jazz festival every August. The village (1,300 inhabitants) hosts an international jazz festival that welcomes over 200,000 visitors every year. This year we have tickets for Joe Cocker #cantwait.

Some of the cartoonists visited the local schools on Friday and thus, we were harrassed into attending by a 10 year old who loves drawing.

I had my caricature done, of course. A great likeness I’m told. The artist was Kaya and she was enjoying her first visit to Marciac. The banter among the artists was entertaining.

A child at the table next to mine told the artist ‘If you mess up, it’s OK, cause I got Kaya to draw me earlier.’ She was about six.

But I did wonder what’s in it for them?

They sat for three days and drew and drew for no monetary gain(afaik).

It made me think of all the writers who spend hours slogging over a piece of flash fiction or a short story or a poem only to publish it in their blog or website. A lot of work to give art away for free. Yet I was so impressed with my cartoonist I will certainly seek out her work and perhaps buy some in the future.


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