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11.22.63 by Stephen King
by Stephen King


Hilary Mcgrath‘s review

May 11, 13  ·          

Read in April, 2013

Stephen King toys with the idea of rewriting history.

What would happen if you went back and changed some things in the past? If you stopped a man from murdering his family? Or stopped a girl from getting shot and being paralysed for life? Or stopped a man from shooting the president?

Jake Epping goes back to stop Lee Oswald but he doesn’t know the consequences of his actions. Every time he buys a beer in the past has the potential to change the present.

When I was about 9/10th through this book I had no idea how King was going to end it. The idea of George bringing Sadie into 2011 seemed just as impossible as when he first went back to 1958.

A negative point for me was the executive summary of politics/world history he got when he did return. I felt like King was trying to wrap up the book too quickly.

But I did love the way he finally ended it and I loved the Lindy hopping all the way through!


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