Writers & Artists (Bloomsbury) Shortlisted

Great news this week:


Delighted to see that my flash fiction piece ‘Trumpet Dreams’  has been shortlisted in the Writers & Artists Flash Fiction Competition. Told in just 200 words, the theme was ‘the quest for belonging’ and I eagerly await the results on Monday.




I’d been dithering about social networking, but I’ve finally made a tentative step into Twitterland (find me @hilary_mcgrath). It’s very hard to decide just how much time and energy to put into blogs, twitter and writers’ forums. I’d resisted until now because I already have my writers’ group—and let’s not forget the actual writing—and somewhere in the background I seem to remember a family and a life.
Alas! I succumbed because I feel I need to glean all the information available. I need to know the names of all the important agents and editors and their most recent books. I used to question whether I’d read enough of the Greats, now I worry about the latest trends in book publishing. Is reading for pleasure even allowed anymore?*
Every writer must struggle with this problem to some extent. Yet, having been on Twitter for just a day, I dig the serendipity–I decided to follow @Writers_Artists and discovered in doing so that the flash fiction piece I entered in their competition has been shortlisted. Sweet!

*Must ask my two friends on Twitter…


Edited to add:

My story didn’t make the top 3 in the Writers&Artists (Bloomsbury) competition but am still very pleased to have made the shortlist. Congatulations to the winners.





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